The Neopian WorldHelpers

Welcome to the Neopian World Helpers.

Welcome to the main web page of the Neopian WorldHelpers Guild. If you do not have a user name on neopets you can go to the links page and you will be transported to the neopets home page. This web page has everything to do with neopets, but if you are not a memeber of neopets, there is a dollmaker, and other things you can use that aren't neopets related.

Working on Site
We always love improving our site so if you have any suggestions or web pages to get backgrounds codes, dollmaker codes, neopets tips, game tips, or even your own backgrounds: e-mail them to

The Neopian World
The hamburger is Neopia, that is where the majority of neopians live.

We Want To Know You!
We'd like to get to know all the members of our guild so please sign our guestbook and we love meeting new friends so we accept all neofriend requests unless of course you have been disrespectful. If you have questions or are confused about something, feel free to neomail rosepearlforever.
Questions or Comments? Ask Away!

Baby Paintbrush
Now wouldn't someone be lucky to have this?
When I am rich, I will visit peoples user lookups, and see if somewhere on their page they have a hint of what item they want the most. I'll tell you when you should get ready for this!
This is my personal e-mail

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